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There are some fixed documents and pages of Static website designs which are made of codes and texts and are presented in the form of markup. When you request for a webpage, a HTML file containing all the data relating to the website is called and is then sent to the browser and it is displayed there. It is presented in the same way it was created and intended for display. All this work of calling, sending and displaying is done by the server related to the page without making any change in it.

If you are looking for finest web design in Manchester that is not only very easily manageable but is also cost-effective; a Static website is the way to go. Where it is very simple in form but it provides unlimited benefits to all the businesses without any segregations. You can be a small business or a big corporation, Static website is the best option for you.

The creation of a Static website takes no rocket science. It’s pretty simple as a static website requires writing content in a word processing software and then uploading it on the web as a HTML page. With proper designing and development, you can have a website that will not only be the best representation of you but also give boost to your business.

With us being among the best website developers and having best website design  in UK, your products and services are showcased in the most professional yet elegant manner with the minimal amount of expenditure and that is the beauty of a Static website. It’s like a combination of excellent and cheap website design. The benefits just not stop there; we create a mobile website design which can be the window of opportunity for new ideas and deals for business.

As UK based web design company with a good idea about international market; we strongly recommend Static websites to small business owners and entrepreneurs because with it being low budgeted and highly affective, it can help you enter the next level of global marketing and web promotion for your business. We offer discounts for website design London especially.

Static Web Design Features


  • Custom graphic elements & icons
  • 6 to 10 pages
  • Logo design With Unlimited Consepts
  • Limited text and photos


  • A smart layout with an eye-catching masthead
  • Multi browsers support
  • Contact Us Form
  • 7 Day FREE maintenance


  • Free 1 Year Domain
  • Free 1 Year Web Hosting
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • Free Google Friendly sitemap

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